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Tips for Writing an Effective Cover Letter
Always send a cover letter with your resume even if the company has not specified that you should include one. It gives you a chance to tell the company why you are a good fit for the job.

Top 15 Job Interview Questions
A job interview is the result of an effective resume. However, landing a job is typically the result of a successful interview.

Top 20 Recruiter Pet Peeves About Resumes
Recruiters receive hundreds of resumes a day, so they must narrow down the "keepers" through the process of elimination.

The Truth About "Resume Blasting"
Over 92% of those surveyed reported being inundated with irrelevant responses to their job postings. Most participants indicated that they receive hundreds of responses per online job posting.

7 Tips On How To Handle Phone Interviews
Phone interviews are becoming more and more common in the job search process. If you are in the job market, it is important to prepare yourself for a phone interview.

Everything is Negotiable
It's all negotiable. Every new job - every performance review, in fact - is an opportunity to negotiate base salary, various kinds of bonuses, benefits, stock options, and other incentives that add to job satisfaction and provide financial security.

Salary History
At some point in the job application process, you might find yourself in a tight spot. What do you do when asked for a salary history?

Raises and Promtions
Get yourself into the habit of recognizing when you have been doing a good job for an extended period. This is the classic signal that you're ready for a promotion, a pay increase, or both. Learn the etiquette about pay talk on the job. Then get yourself into the habit of asking for what you deserve.

Safe Travel Tips from the U.S. State Department
"Safe travels" every goodbye these days, it seems, it's the same benediction. Beyond wishing each other well, what else can travelers do to play it safe in the air and in other countries? How can travelers overcome their reluctance to get back on the horse...or the plane? The U.S. State Department offers these tips on traveling safely to other countries.

Relax: You're Flying
How do veteran road warriors do it, week after week, flying from city to city and continent to continent?

Flying Isn't the Only Way
Many businesses are postponing work-related travel, at least for the short term, spurred by weak economic conditions and an even weaker desire to travel.