When you take a physical therapy job in Washington D.C., every season brings new activities. In the summer you can take a dip in the Potomac river or take a river cruise for a last day of sightseeing. In the fall, the theater and performing arts groups located here are always putting on a show and the dining is fit for a king, or a president, whatever the case may be. “This message will self-destruct in five minutes.” A warm summer day is a perfect place for The International Spy museum. Explore the history of espionage with various exhibits and a new hour long program called “Operation Spy.” Live-action video characters are combined with special effects for a heart-stopping adventure based on actual case files from U.S. Intelligence. Now that just sounds cool! In the winter, Georgetown, home to Georgetown University, is a great place to find a quaint café, order up a warm cup of freshly ground coffee and simply enjoy the atmosphere.  Come experience all Washington D.C. has to offer by taking a physical therapy job here.

Physical therapy jobs are available throughout Washington D.C. in some of the nation’s top rehab centers and medical facilities.  We have the most current list of Washington D.C. physical therapy jobs.  Search all our opportunities now.

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